Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a person engage in the process of analysis?

This depends entirely on the person. Analysis can go on anywhere from weeks, to months, to years. If desired, the work can be terminated at an agreed time considering the specific circumstances. However, it is highly flexible and solely dependent on the needs and desires of the client.

Who does analysis work for?

Analysis works potentially for anyone who is suffering, where the internal and/or social pressures have become too much for the person to deal with comfortably.

Is there an intake session?

Yes. The treatment starts with an initial meeting where both parties can assess if they can envision working with one another. It is important that the client feels comfortable with the analyst and an initial positive rapport is established. That is the purpose for having the intake session.

How much does a session cost?

Standard fees are 60 euro per session. A session ia approximately 50 minutes. However the fee is usually negotiated to accommodate each individual’s financial circumstance.

What happens if I have to cancel a session?

If a session is cancelled last minute, a new appointment can be made within the week of the cancellation. Otherwise the cancelled session must be paid in full.

Does Marlene write psychiatric prescriptions?